Lebrun Constantine

CONSTANTINE, MR. LEBRUN S., who died on January 5 at Trinidad, aged 67, came to England with the first two teams from West Indies in 1900 and 1906, and made a name for proficiency at the game, earning a reputation for zeal which his son, Laurie N. Constantine, has raised to high fame. After doing well for Trinidad as a batsman with individual style in bringing off unexpected strokes, Lebrun Constantine, under the captaincy of Mr. R. S. A. Warner, brother of Sir Pelham, averaged 30 for 610 runs on his first visit, being surpassed only by Ollivierre. Against Gentlemen of M.C.C. at Lord's, after being not out 24, he scored 113 in the follow-on, and with W. J. Burton, one of two professionals in the side, added 162 in 65 minutes for the ninth wicket, so preventing an innings defeat. On his second visit Lebrun Constantine averaged 29 for 1,025 in all matches. Besides his value as a vigorous batsman he fielded with plenty of dash.

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