Ross Gregory

GREGORY, SERGEANT-OBSERVER ROSS G., R.A.A.F., who stood out prominently among Australian batsmen during three seasons before the war, died when on air operations, as announced on June 24. Born on February 26, 1916, Ross Gregory became one of the youngest cricketers to play in a Test, sharing in recent years with A. A. Jackson, S. J. McCabe and D. G. Bradman the distinction of playing for Australia before coming of age; but Clem Hill still holds the record of appearing in a Test for Australia in his youth--19 years 3 months--against England at Lord's in June 1896. The untimely end of Ross Gregory removed a batsman showing promise of a long career for Australia. After doing brilliant things as a boy, he was chosen for Victoria when still at school. Continuing to improve, he established himself in his State XI and against G. O. Allen's 1936-37 M.C.C. team he made 128 for Victoria, his stand with I. Lee for 262 being a fourth wicket record against an England team. In State matches that season he averaged over 39, with 85 against South Australia his best score, and he helped Victoria carry off the Sheffield Shield. So it was no surprise that during that season he rose to Test match fame, playing in the last two engagements against England with marked success. He scored 23 and 50 (run out) at Adelaide, where Australia won by 148 runs, and 80 in the deciding encounter.

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