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The West Indies in Australia 1930-31

Hubert Preston

Raised to Test match status when touring England in 1928, West Indies, during our winter of 1930-1931, sent a representative team to Australia for the first time. As seemed probable, Australia, proving far too strong for their visitors in the Test matches, gained four easy victories before defeat was experienced at Sydney in the encounter that brought the programme to an end. Beyond question the West Indies players by that time had become to some extent accustomed to the difficulties that always attend a side touring in Australia. A victory of 86 runs over New South Wales gave them confidence for the big match that followed immediately and, allowing that varying conditions brought about by rain, assisted them greatly, the West Indies, declaring twice, accomplished a notable performance in beating Australia by even so small a margin as 30 runs.

Finishing the tour as they did with two victories the West Indies found more reason for satisfaction on the results of their enterprise than had appeared at all likely from the way the early matches went against them. Only when facing Tasmania and Queensland had they been successful during their first twelve engagements, but they also outplayed Tasmania in the return game at Hobart and time robbed them of a handsome victory in the second match with Victoria. Still, despite the two wins at Sydney the tour showed clearly that cricket in the West Indies had not reached the very high standard associated with the game in Australia.

In the field the West Indies team created a favourable impression. The fast bowlers, Griffiths, Constantine and Francis, formed a powerful combination with Martin, the left hander, and Scott in support: keen work and unflagging energy, with Constantine the outstanding personality, rendered the side attractive. By brilliant fielding, fast bowling - deadly at times - and exceptional powers as a punishing batsman, Constantine showed himself on several occasions an all-rounder of remarkable powers but in the Test matches, with a batting average of seven for ten innings and a bowling average of 50 for eight wickets, he failed deplorably.

G. C. Grant carried out his duties as captain with judgment and headed the batting averages, although Headley, with two Test match centuries, was the highest scorer. Mr. R. H. Mallet, who has arranged the programme for more than one visiting team in England, was manager of the West Indies team and his unfailing tact contributed largely to the enjoyment of the tour.

In the matter of finance the tour unfortunately was not a success.

    The team consisted of sixteen men as follows:
  • G. C. Grant ( Trinidad), captain,
  • L. S. Birkett ( Trinidad), vice-captain,
  • C. A. Roach ( Trinidad),
  • E. R. HUNTE ( Trinidad),
  • L. H. CONSTANTINE ( Trinidad),
  • E. ST. HILL ( Trinidad),
  • G. HEADLEY ( Jamaica),
  • F. R. Martin ( Jamaica),
  • I. Barrow ( Jamaica),
  • O. C. Scott ( Jamaica),
  • E. L. Bartlett ( Barbadoes),
  • J. E. D. SEALEY( Barbadoes),
  • H. C. Griffith ( Barbadoes),
  • G. FRANCIS ( Barbadoes),
  • F. I. De Caires ( British Guiana),
  • O. S. WIGHT ( British Guiana).
  • R. H. MALLETT, Manager.
  • J. E. SEHEULT, assistant manager.

Match reports for

New South Wales v West Indians at Sydney, Nov 21-25, 1930

Victoria v West Indians at Melbourne, Nov 28-Dec 1, 1930

South Australia v West Indians at Adelaide, Dec 5-8, 1930

1st Test: Australia v West Indies at Adelaide, Dec 12-16, 1930
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Tasmania v West Indians at Launceston, Dec 20-23, 1930

Tasmania v West Indians at Hobart, Dec 24-26, 1930

2nd Test: Australia v West Indies at Sydney, Jan 1-5, 1931
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Queensland v West Indians at Brisbane, Jan 10-14, 1931

3rd Test: Australia v West Indies at Brisbane, Jan 16-20, 1931
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New South Wales Country v West Indians at Newcastle, Jan 24-26, 1931

Victoria Country v West Indians at Geelong, Jan 29-30, 1931

Victoria v West Indians at Melbourne, Jan 31-Feb 4, 1931

South Australia v West Indians at Adelaide, Feb 7-11, 1931

4th Test: Australia v West Indies at Melbourne, Feb 13-14, 1931
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New South Wales v West Indians at Sydney, Feb 21-25, 1931

5th Test: Australia v West Indies at Sydney, Feb 27-Mar 4, 1931
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