Frank Sugg

FRANK H. SUGG, a man of three counties, was born on January 11, 1862. He lived nearly all his life in Yorkshire, and was brought out by that county in the season of 1883. In local matches he had established an enormous reputation, but for some reason-ill-health, we believe- he was very far indeed from bearing out the hopes formed of him, and in eight matches for the county he only scored 80 runs with an average of 10. The next season found him assisting his native county of Derbyshire, and in that eleven he remained till he left to join Lancashire, for which county he had duly qualified by two years' residence. He was first able to appear for Lancashire in the middle of the season of 1887, and since then he has been one of the mainstays of the team. As a batsman Sugg has every natural advantage, height, reach, and power, and on bad wickets we know no hitter in the country so likely to turn the fortunes of a match by quickly knocking up 30 or 40 runs. That he depends more upon quickness of sight than upon a scientific method can easily be seen from the faulty way in which he will often commence an innings on even the best of grounds. Once set, however, he is a most dangerous player against any bowling, and as, in addition to his batting, he is one of the very best of outfields, his usefulness in an eleven cannot well be over-estimated. Sugg has never visited Australia, but he played for England against Australia both at the Oval and Manchester in 1888. Last summer he came out at the head of the Lancashire averages in first-class county matches.

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