Mr Charles Absolon — the veteran — in 1874

His bowling took 500 wickets. ...... His batting made 1066 runs.

Mr. Charles Absolon--who will be 58 years of age next May--played in 56 matches in the 1874 season. In those 56 matches he commenced 75 innings, took his bat out 8 times, and scored an aggregate of 1066 runs; he made doubles in 45 innings, his largest being 37, hit in a Blackheath match, wherein he also hit a second innings of 21 not out.

But Mr. Absolon's cricket speciality is slow bowling, and his success with the ball in 1874 was something marvellous; he bowled in 83 innings; his bowling in those innings being fatal to 500 wickets. On five occasions he took 3 wickets with 3 successively delivered balls; on another occasion his bowling had 4 wickets in 5 balls; and in another match his bowling had 8 wickets in 15 balls. In a match at Nunhead, all the wickets fell to Mr. Absolon's bowling, from which only 4 runs were made. Then, when bowling against a team of 20 in a match on Pocook's Ground, Mr. A.'s bowling captured the first 14 wickets that fell. In a match against 16 of Enfield, his bowling had 20 wickets; and against a 22 at Tuffnell Park, the Absolon slows were fatal to 10 wickets each innings.

The ABSOLON TESTIMONIAL.--At last the long intentioned desire of Mr. Charles Absolon's numerous cricketing friends to present him with a testimonial in recognition of his earnest and extended efforts in behalf of cricket and cricketers, and of his very many great successes with the ball and bat, has been put into working form. At a meeting held at the Salutation Tavern, Newgate Street, on the 8th of last December, Mr. Rudkin in the chair, it was unanimously resolved that in the opinion of this meeting of old and young Cricketers, it is desirable that the long and eminently-able services to the cause of cricket of Mr. Charles Absolon, should be recognised in some substantial form. Mr. Thomas Hedges, of Hornsey Park, N., and Mr. Hughes, were appointed Hon. Secs., and 53 influential names were enrolled as a Committee to work to maturity this thorough deserved compliment. The Committee meet again at the same place, at 6 p.m., on Tuesday, January 12, when, in all probability, the form the Testimonial is to take will be settled. The compiler of this little Annual trusts the Committee will have a good innings; and that when their pleasant labours are ended, they will enjoy the gratification of presenting to a worthy man a worthy Testimonial.

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