September 3 down the years

Chapman in charge

Johnny Douglas, Basil Butcher, and one of England's most successful captains are all born

Percy Chapman plays a shot

September 8 down the years

The history boy

The youngest man to make a Test century

Mohammad Ashraful celebrates his century

September 9 down the years

Dawn of the Demon

Birth of one of the greatest bowlers of all time

Fred Spofforth portrait

September 23 down the years

A scrappy keeper

The births of Moin, Blowers and Alistair Campbell

Moin Khan takes a catch at training

September 27 down the years

A Kiwi bazooka

Birth of an explosive wicketkeeper-batsman

Brendon McCullum thanks the crowd for their strong support

September 28 down the years

Majestic Majid

The birth of the man who proved footwork was overrated

Majid Khan drives the ball off Andy Roberts

September 30 down the years

Hair today

A daring umpire is born

Darrell Hair and Inzamam-ul-Haq examine the ball