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It remains to be seen whether the teams will take the field again in the coming days

क्या जोहैनसबर्ग और सेंचूरियन से तेज़ होगी केपटाउन की पिच?

केपटाउन में हुए पिछले पांच टेस्ट में तेज़ गेंदबाज़ों का औसत 22.95 रहा है, जो कि साउथ अफ़्रीका के बाक़ी मैदानों के मुक़ाबले सर्वश्रेष्ठ है

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Newlands in all its glory

South Africa news

Newlands hit by armed robbery

Friday's raid on the Cape Town stadium was the third such instance since 2015, according to the Western Province Cricket Association

The memorial wall at Newlands

India in South Africa 2017-18

Afterlife in the Newlands turf

Eddie Barlow and Hylton Ackerman are among the famous names whose ashes have been scattered on the Newlands outfield, but you don't need to have been a cricketer to make this famous ground your final resting place