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Indian Premier League

IPL moving forward

Shane Warne has made the IPL one of two hunting grounds after international retirement, and on his personal website he's outlined what he thinks is the best way forward heading into the league's fourth season

ICC World Twenty20

Cricket must play redemption song to win Caribbean

The last big cricket event in the Caribbean was a disaster, with killjoy regulations, but this wide-open tournament could set things right, says Mike Selvey in the Guardian

Indian Premier League

Not a tweet from deposed Modi

Blogging for the Times , Patrick Kidd wonders if Lalit Modi is the first sports administrator to be sacked for shooting his mouth off by text message

New Zealand cricket

Heath Davis looks on the bright side

Former Wellington and New Zealand fast bowler Heath Davis has lost half his foot but not his sense of humour

ICC World Twenty20

Twenty20 can put smile back on Caribbean faces

After the fiasco of the World Cup comes the chance for some serious rebuilding in the land of calypso cricket, writes Vic Marks on his blog in the Observer

Indian Premier League

I'd pay to not to listen to Danny & Co

The IPL final is today and in his final installment of his column in the Hindustan Times , Soumya Bhattacharya says he can't wait for the circus to end

Indian Premier League

The cricket crisis

The controversy involving the BCCI and the IPL dominates the media and public attention because this issue is not about the political interests of the Congress or the BJP, or about IPL commissioner Lalit Modi or former minister of state for external