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The Barmy Army in full song

In tune with the Barmy Army

Centurion: Back in May, on one of those chilly late afternoons they euphemistically call ``a balmy spring day'' in England, running in to some of the more jolly members of the Barmy Army was more accidental than incidental

Conrad Hunte poses with a bat

Three Bajans who helped shape modern SA thinking

Port Elizabeth - Even in today's era of reconciliation it is difficult to mention the name of Sylvester Clarke without some disapproving curl of the lip at how the big Bajan was merely a "mercenary at heart"

South Africa news

West Indian reject Benjamin handy weapon for Gauteng

Johannesburg: If Courtney Walsh is considered too valuable to the West Indies attack to leave out of their side at the age of 37, consider then the case for 32-year-old Antiguan reject Kenneth Benjamin now plying his trade for Gauteng


The story of Churchill Hector Gunasekera

As was the habit in India, when for more than half a century under the Raj, teams representing Hindus, Parse, Muslims and Europeans played in an annual series in (then) Bombay, Ceylon had a similar polarised structure


Flamboyant Colombo and CH Gunasekara

While Colombo has her attractions and may be far more colourful, wearing her finery with the flamboyance of an attacking batsman, and Kandy, the ancient kingdom up in the hills, has the scenery to match the majesty to go with such soundings, it is

SA Player of the Century Award

Pollock named South Africa's Player of the Century

When you first caught sight of Graeme Pollock in the early 1960s, you noticed all too quickly his upright stance and his footwork: so balanced and so correct

Changes to the Standard Bank Cup playing conditions

Johannesburg - Those who like to eat their left-over naartjies (a type of citrus fruit ) in October get a chance this year to indulge in their favourite exercise when the domestic day/night series moves to its now traditional early season format

Lindsay on match referees' panel

Denis Lindsay, the former South African wicketkeeper,is to be appointed to the International Cricket Council panel of match referees

Hussain may appear at King commission

Cronjegate is becoming an even more intriguing merry-go-round these days with suggestions that England captain Nasser Hussain could be summoned to attend the King Commission of inquiry into malpractice and dishonesty said to involve South African