Ian Chappell

Former Australia captain

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The players await a DRS decision

It's time the DRS got an overhaul

Umpiring decisions should be taken out of players' hands and should not be part of cricket's tactical battles

Basil D'Oliveira lunges to intercept a ball played by Ian Chappell during a tour game in 1968. In 1972, Chappell was witness to a racist act against D'Oliveira in Zimbabwe

The racism I have seen in cricket

During my playing and broadcasting career, I saw the toxic effect prejudice and ignorance could have on people and the game

Composite: Don Bradman, Garry Sobers, Ray Lindwall and Malcolm Marshall


Bradman v Sobers, Marshall v Lindwall

New South Wales and Barbados have had two of the strongest first-class teams in the world. What would their all-time XIs look like?